The most commonly found wasp in the UK is the yellowjacket (Vespula vulgaris). Wasps are distinctive by their bright yellow and black banding. Wasps are serious pests and are known to sting when disturbed or trapped, which for people who are allergic to stings can cause potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. 

Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous. Wasps inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest resulting in multiple stings. Unlike bees, wasps do not die after one sting, they can, and will, sting you quite a few times. 
Don’t try to treat the nest yourself. Call East Riding Pest Management and one of our trained technicians will be able to safely treat the nest. 

A wasp problem can pose a significant risk to a business 

Particularly those in the hospitality & service industry, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, and outdoor dining venues. The risks associated with wasps include: potential harm to customers and staff, damage to the reputation of the establishment. It's crucial for businesses to take proactive measures to address and eliminate wasp infestations promptly. This can involve contacting professional pest control services, implementing preventative measures like using WaspBane. By prioritising pest control and maintenance, businesses can create a safe and enjoyable environment for both customers and employees, ultimately safeguarding their reputation and ensuring a positive experience for all who visit. 

Wasp Bane 

Why WaspBane? 
Quite simply because it is the only wasp trap proven to reduce rather than increase the number of wasps persisting in the area. Unlike other wasp traps it actually helps get rid of your wasp problem rather than make it worse. The vast majority of people who are stung are stung by nuisance wasps outdoors around food or drink. 
WaspBane is real value for money and not just because it really works. Because WaspBane lasts all season long without the need for rebaiting or cleaning it works out much cheaper in the long run than other traps that have to be cleaned and rebaited every few days and because you don’t have to handle it there’s less risk of being stung. WaspBane is genuinely the trap that you set and forget that allows you to enjoy a wasp free Summer. 
“Very good customer service - got a short notice appointment to deal with wasps in the kitchen roof, which was successful! Everyone I dealt with was friendly and professional, definitely recommend.” 
- Claire 
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